Dualtron Popular electric scooter


Dualtron POP electric scooter from Minimotors will rock the electric scooter market. It is the cheapest Dualtron to date but stays true to the spirit of the Dualtron brand and is a must-have electric scooter.

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Electric scooter Dualtron Pop

The new Dualtron Pop is ideal if you are looking for an electric scooter for everyday use without worrying about running out of battery.

Dualtron Pop is equipped with a powerful motor, available in single or dual versions, that allows you to ride up slopes of up to 20°. The Dualtron Popular is a real little rocket.

The Dualtron Pop is Dualtron’s latest 2023 version in the urban electric scooter segment. Met een IPX5 waterdichtheid, een robuust chassis en meer dan genoeg vermogen voor dagelijks gebruik lijkt de Dualtron Pop een bestseller in zijn assortiment te worden.

Dualtron Pop (popular): The ultimate urban electric scooter

Dualtron POP pro and contra

+ Drum brake on both wheels
+ Suspension on both wheels
+ Directional indicators
+ Highly visible lighting
+ Suitable for on-road and off-road
+ Easily removable battery for maintenance

– Higher weight, less suitable for train or bus

Available versions of the Dualtron Popular:

  • single motor 450W with battery 52V 14 Ah with 18650 cells
  • single motor 450W with battery 20 Ah with 21700 cells
  • single motor with battery 25 Ah with LG 21700 cells
  • dual motor 2x 450W with battery 14Ah with 18650 cells
  • dual motor 2x450W with battery 20Ah with 21700 cells
  • dual motor 2x450W with battery 25 Ah with LG 21700 cells

Unique and modern new design:

In addition to its performance, its design will leave no one indifferent. Designed primarily for urban use, the Dualtron Pop is sure to stand out with its sleek, modern look. The sturdy frame features LED strips on the footplate and steering column. The footplate has a silicone coating for optimal grip while riding.

This new Dualtron Popular has an EY2 TFT color screen
and Bluetooth connectivity for control via your smartphone. On the left side of the handlebar of the Dualtron Pop are the buttons for the turn signal, headlight and horn. So everything is at your fingertips.

The Dualtron Pop is the cheapest Dualtron in the segment, but its performance is anything but cheap. At full power, this machine can climb slopes up to 37%, a real achievement for an e-step in this class.

The range of this e-step (in eco mode) is between 40 and 80 km, depending on the battery you choose. So you can drive all day and make all trips without recharging.

Dualtron Pop Safety

This model has front and rear drum brakes. These provide safe and fast braking. As for ride comfort, the Dualtron Pop was equipped with suspension on the front and rear wheels. Bumps or bumps in the road are thus easily absorbed.

You can also rest assured about the handling of this model. The 9-inch 70/50-6.1 tires offer optimum grip on the road. Be sure to position yourself properly on the scooter, as the power of the two motors makes the acceleration of this electric scooter hard and intense.

Dualtron Pop lighting

In terms of lighting, this electric scooter is equipped with 2 3-watt headlights. Like the Dualtron mini, it is also equipped with RGB LED strips under the base plate and in the control tube.

Who is the Dualtron POP designed for?

This new electric scooter from Minimotors is meant to be the best urban scooter in its category. You will enjoy its power and ease of use daily. Depending on the battery you choose, you can travel up to 80 km on one battery charge. Practical and fun, the Dualtron POP is already a reference on the market.

Additional information

Weight25,00 kg
Dimensions111 × 60 × 116 cm

E-step type

, , ,

Dimensions folded

123 x 21 x 53cm

Engine power


Battery Ah

, ,


, ,

Charging time

, ,


Speed limit at 25km/h

Cruise control

Battery location


Maximum weight

Climbing angle

Battery type

Battery voltage

Front brake

Rear brake

Brake light

Electric brake

Energy regeneration

Wheel size

Front tire

Rear tire

With suspension


Turn signals


With display



Bluetooth app


Adjustable steering

Driver height/age

IP value


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