Dualtron Mini


The Dualtron Mini, as the name suggests, is the mini Dualtron version. This Dualtron Mini is an exception in the exclusive Dualtron range. You should know that until now no Dualtron was available under the €3,000 limit.

With the introduction of this Dualtron Mini, Dualtron is in the first place for all those who are passionate about price-quality electric scooters with a budget of around €1000.

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Electric scooter Dualtron Mini

New 2021 model : Dualtron Mini Dual Brake 13Ah, 17.5Ah & 21Ah

Available versions:

  • 13Ah dual brake: drum brake on front and rear wheel, battery 13Ah
  • 17.5Ah super: drum brake on rear wheel, battery 17.5Ah
  • 17.5Ah super dual brake: drum brake on front and rear wheel, battery 17.5Ah
  • 21Ah dual brake: drum brake on front and rear wheel, battery 21Ah

The Dualtron Mini is certainly a powerful e-step for its size. This entry-level model of the powerful Dualtron e-steps is equipped with a 52 Volt battery with a capacity of 13Ah (range up to 45km) or 17.5Ah (range up to 55km).

The mini is a great way to get introduced to the world of sporty scooters from Dualtron. The electric scooter Dualtron mini combines a sleek and lightweight design with rugged performance. Meet the great quality of Dualtron e-steps! The Dualtron Mini also features a newly designed lighting system and a folding mechanism that you will surely like!


  • One of the best shock absorbers out there for its size.
  • The Mini also has built-in LED lighting along the footplate and in the steering tube. Color adjustable with included remote control.
  • Good braking power with a high-quality rear drum brake by our patented magnetic brake.
  • It is compact yet powerful with a motor power of 1450W and a top speed of 45 km/h (without speedimit).
  • Supplied with speed limitation at 25 km/h.
  • Very stable folding system.
  • Special design that stands out.

This is a big change for this brand of electric powered scooters that is appreciated for its high quality. Can we now consider Dualtron as a provider of accessible electric scooters for all?

This question may indeed arise. Lowering the price to a third with a trusted brand solution is a big change in a brand’s history. You would expect this model to be simple, but quite the opposite.

Happy riders of this wonderful electric scooter will appreciate the 1000 W motor, very wide 21 cm long base, front, rear and side lights, double front and rear suspension; It will surprise all users who want to ride comfortably over long distances, need positioning and equipment for long trips, day and night.

With its single engine with rear-wheel drive, the Dualtron Mini allows almost inexperienced riders to achieve a wheely with ease. The 8.5-inch air chamber tires provide excellent stability on the road

Drum brakes and electronic e-abs provide excellent braking performance. In addition, the Dualtron Mini’s design is unlike any other brand. With its LED lights on the foot plate and steering tube, you can see it driving from a distance. The rims are in aluminum which also makes it much sexier than other manufacturers offering plastic rims for the same budget. The double suspension at the front and rear also makes it very comfortable.

With its 52V 13Ah battery, the Dualtron Mini enjoys a 40km range and a maximum speed of 45km/h on private roads. Legally, the speed limit on public roads remains 25 km/h.

The Dualtron Mini has a rigid structure of 22 kg, making it also the lightest of the Dualtron series. The weight is heavier than a standard scooter, but not excessive for a machine as complete as this one!

Also new is a Dualtron that easily fits in the trunk of a car. Moreover, it is easy to fold. To be Mini, the Dualtron Mini is really interesting in terms of size, although the steering wheel is still very wide.

Additional information

Weight25,00 kg
Dimensions111 × 60 × 116 cm

E-step type

, ,

Dimensions folded

111 x 41 x 21 cm

Engine power


Battery Ah

, , , ,


, ,

Charging time

, ,


Speed limit at 25km/h

Cruise control

Battery location


Maximum weight

Climbing angle


Battery type

Battery voltage

Front brake

Rear brake

Brake light

Electric brake

Energy regeneration

Wheel size

Front tire

Rear tire

With suspension



With display



Bluetooth app


Adjustable steering

Suitable for saddle

Driver height/age

IP value


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