Mobile Future X8 electric kickscooter


Mobile Future X8 electric scooter is a robust and reliable e-scooter suitable for everyday use. Thanks to the detachable battery, the X8 can be easily charged anywhere.

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Electric scooter Mobile Future X8

  • Robust and reliable electric scooter
  • 10Ah battery with autonomy up to 35km in drive mode, up to 25km in sport mode
  • Battery and controller are inside the handlebar, more resistant to water
  • Detachable battery, you can charge anywhere
  • Limited at 25 km/h

Take a test drive with the Mobile Future X8 and convince yourself !

The Mobile Future X8 is a compact scooter suitable for everyday use. Thanks to its light weight and compact size, it can easily be taken anywhere. Also on the bus or train.

You can easily take the detachable battery with you to charge elsewhere. Ideal for people living in apartments. And it also discourages theft.

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Electric scooter X8 pro and contra

+ Air tire rides more comfortably
+ Compact model
+ Large and clear display
+ Range up to 35km in drive mode
+ Large 10″ wheels for a comfortable ride
+ Quickly detachable battery on handlebar
+ Better resistance to splashing water

– Handlebar could be a little wider

Electric scooter X8, the best scooter in its price category

Download the manual of the X8 electric scooter here

  • Range up to 35 km in drive mode with 10 Ah battery, up to 25 km in sport mode
  • 10-inch wheels for a comfortable ride
  • 350W brushless motor with very smooth accerelation, inclination angle up to 20°
  • Large and bright LED display
  • Very bright LED lighting
  • Speed limit at 25 km/h

The X8 electric scooter is the best electric scooter in its price category. Its modern design appeals to everyone from young to old. The strong aluminum frame is lightweight, corrosion-resistant and in one piece, with no welds that can break off under excessive loads.

X8 more resistant to water

Unlike most electric scooters, the e-step X8 battery and controller are not located in the footplate.

This makes the X8 electric scooter more resistant to splashing water. So you don’t have to worry during a ride home after a rainstorm.

Removable battery

X8 offers Comfort

The X8 scooter is distinguished by its removable battery. With one click, the battery can be quickly and easily removed from the electric scooter. The battery can be charged somewhere else. And you can take the battery with you which discourages theft.

Do you plan long trips during your vacation ? No problem for the X8, you can carry an extra battery and plan very long rides this way. The range with one battery goes up to 35 km. Additional batteries are available separately.

The handlebars of the X8 electric scooter feature non-slip grips for a comfortable feel on long rides. The throttle lever is also covered with non-slip material.

Holding the throttle at the same speed for six seconds engages cruise control so you can enjoy your ride. Operating the hash lever or brake disables the cruise control back.

E-step X8 display

Powerful engine

X8 features a large and very bright display that is readable at all times. Even during summer days with lots of sunlight. So your speed and battery status is always easy to read.

The operation of the display works simply and intiutively.

The 350W powerful motor is very nippy and delivers a comfortable riding feel and high acceleration power.

There is a choice of three speed modes so you can always choose an appropriate and safe speed according to the environment.

E-step X8 Lighting

Electric scooter X8 brakes

The X8 electric scooter is equipped with very bright LED lighting.

Both front and rear lights are very powerful and highly visible during dark winter months.

When the brake is applied the tail light flashes for safety.

The X8 e-step features three braking systems:

  • a powerful disc brake on the rear wheel
  • an electric brake on the front wheel
  • a foot brake on the rear wheel fender.

This way you can always slow down quickly in all circumstances if necessary.

The steering column features a sturdy aluminum hook that can serve to carry a small bag. Safety trumps the X8.

The X8 can be folded quickly. In just three seconds, open the folding mechanism and fold the scooter closed.

Thanks to its light weight and dimensions, the e-step X8 can be easily carried in the trunk of your car, or on the train or bus. Even in your shopping cart.

elektrische step x8 in winkelkar

Additional information

Weight17 kg
Dimensions108 × 42 × 119 cm

E-step type

, ,

Dimensions folded

108 x 42 x 46 cm

Engine power

Battery Ah


Charging time


Speed limit at 25km/h

Cruise control


Maximum weight

Climbing angle

Battery location

Battery type

Battery voltage

Front brake

Rear brake

Brake light

Electric brake

Energy regeneration

Wheel size

Front tire

Rear tire

With suspension



With display



Bluetooth app


Adjustable steering

Suitable for saddle

Driver height/age

IP value


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