Ninebot C2 Pro electric kickscooter 6-14 years


Ninebot C2 Pro electric kickscooter 6-14 years

Amazing toys and an ideal gift for cool kids. The fantastic light effect makes children feel special! For children ages 6 to 14. Max speed 16 km/h, range up to 14 km.

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Ninebot C2 for children 6 to 12 years old

+ Weighs only 5 kg
+ RGB lighting for good visibility

– 7″ wheels less suitable for uneven terrain
– No brake light

Get the most out of the Ninebot C2 with :

  • the 256 color RGB ambient light
  • the rhythm of light that changes with speed
  • surf-style design for cool kids and teens.

Reliable quality for your loved ones

Because safety is our first priority, the Ninebot Kids KickScooter C2 Series is designed to ensure children’s safety while they enjoy a fun ride. The C2 series has passed several tests, including:

  • 3000 km driving test
  • 100 times the ‘drop’ test
  • Waterproof: IPX4 KickScooter | IPX6 Battery
  • Non-toxic materials, thoughtful design in detail
  • Thermo Plastic Rubber (TPR) steering handles
  • ‘Anti-clamp intervals’ across the frame
  • No sharp edges

Three different driving modes

Switch between 3 ways of riding the KickScooter by double-clicking the power button!

  • Standard mode: The perfect mode for beginners or the little ones with maximum speed up to 12 km/h, easier to master.
  • Sport mode: With a maximum speed of up to 16 km/h, sport mode is for experienced drivers, fast and exciting thanks to the gas pedal.
  • Power Assist-mode: there is no need to use the gas pedal. Children get an adventurous cruise thanks to the maximum speed of up to 16 mph.

Let the fun begin with the C2 KickScooter

The C2 KickScooter has a 130W powerful brushless motor that gives children the power they need to accelerate up to 16m/h and ride freely. Thanks to its battery capacity, your child can enjoy fun alone or with his/her friends in a radius of up to 11 km!

Stable ride & maintenance-free

To reassure parents and provide children with a stable riding experience, the C2 series uses 7-inch hollow inner tubes with a 1.6-inch width. They are also puncture-proof and maintenance-free with better shock absorption than solid tires, making your child’s ride more comfortable.

Easy to operate, even for small children!

The KickScooter C2 series comes with a powerful mechanical drum brake, because it feels more natural for children to brake this way. It is specially designed with a small grip distance that better suits children’s small hands.

Sensitive acceleration with the thumb button

The thumb throttle has moderate resistance and responsiveness depending on the riding mode. This makes it easy for kids to control the ride speed and fully enjoy the ride!

Unfold, ride, fold and repeat!

Thanks to its one-step folding mechanism, it can be quickly placed in the trunk of the car or stored at home after a great ride with friends. It is also easy to carry thanks to its light weight (10.4 kg)

Ninebot KickScooter C2 Powered by Segway

• For 6 to 12 years old
• Maximum speed up to 16 km/h
• Range up to 11 km, about 40 minutes
• 7-inch hollow tires (maintenance-free)
*This product is not allowed on public roads.

Additional information

Weight13 kg
Dimensions104 × 40 × 91 cm

E-step type

Battery type

Battery voltage

Battery Ah


Charging time

Engine power


Wheel size

Front brake

Rear brake

With display

Brake light

Bluetooth app

Cruise control


Adjustable steering


Driver height/age



Front tire

Rear tire


Electric brake


Maximum weight

Climbing angle

Battery location

Energy regeneration

IP value


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