Kaabo Mantis 8 plus electric kickscooter


Kaboo Mantis 8 plus electric kickscooter is a high-performance e-step with dual motor drive and dual suspension that brings off-road performance to the urban environment. This scooter Kaboo Mantis has an optimal range of 80 km on a single charge.

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Kaabo Mantis 8 versions

  • LITE : 1x 800W motor and 48V 18,2Ah battery
  • UP : 2x 500W motor and 48V 18,2Ah battery
  • ORIGIN : 2x 800W motor and 52V LG 18,2Ah battery
  • PLUS : 2x 800W motor and 52V LG 24Ah battery
kaboo mantis 8 specs

Kaabo Mantis 8 Plus version of the Mantis 8 series has dual 800w brushless motors with the ability to climb 30% slopes. Optimal range of 80km thanks to the 48V 24.5 Ah LG/Samsung lithium battery.

The front and rear suspension make this scooter especially suitable for rough terrain. Riding on dirt trails and jumping over hills is no problem.

LED front and rear lights make you stand out, as do the cool LED deck lights and turn lights. The scooter weighs 26.8 kg and is foldable for easy storage and transportation.

Kaboo Mantis 8 plus - main characteristics

  • Wide 8-inch tires with good grip (3″ wide)
  • Turn signals provide directional indication and make the ride safer.
  • The striking articulated suspension is the best on the market and ensure a smooth ride on rough terrain.
  • The 2 800-watt motors give the e-step the power and speed it needs to ride fast and climb up to 30% hills.
  • Foldable design allows you to fold and carry your Kaabo Mantis 8 at any time or place it in the trunk of your car.
  • LCD color display with throttle control always shows all the information you need to fully enjoy your ride.
  • Fully hydraulic disc brakes offer fast and safe braking with EABS.
  • The electronic braking system additionally brakes the electric scooter and charges the battery while braking
  • Front, rear and footplate lights make the scooter extra visible in the dark.

Additional information

Weight32,5 kg
Dimensions116 × 56 × 48 cm

E-step type

, ,

Engine power

, ,

Battery Ah



Charging time


Speed limit at 25km/h


Maximum weight

Cruise control

Climbing angle

Battery location

Battery type

Battery voltage


Front brake

Rear brake

Brake light

Electric brake

Energy regeneration

Wheel size

Front tire

Rear tire

With suspension



With display



Bluetooth app


Adjustable steering

Suitable for saddle

Driver height/age

IP value



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