Dualtron Storm
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Dualtron Storm



Is the Dualtron Stormthe fastest electric scooter on the market? Can the Dualtron Storm be seen as the best electric scooter on the market in the year 2021? Many scooter enthusiasts claim that the Dualtron Storm may not be the fastest but can be voted the best electric scooter anno 2021. However, let us elaborate on how we arrive at this position.

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With its small 7000W divided between the 2 motors, the Dualtron Storm possesses the higher power outputs in the world of electric scooters.

When you ride a Dualtron Storm, you experience the best of Dualtron. We are not talking about an improved copy of 1 or another model, no. The Dualtron Storm has no comparison. There are too many differences from the other Dualtron models to stand out as a unique scooter.

First, for a change, let’s start with the aesthetic. Yes the eye wants something too. In this area, you already notice a big difference from the Dualtron Ultra or Dualtron Ultra 2, for example.

The Storm features RGB LED lighting on the steering column but also at the bottom of the extra-large footplate. You notice this particularly well as the deck or bottom plate is also positioned higher than the other Dualtron models.

What is most distinctive about the Storm is the operating system. This is due to the beautiful aesthetic presence of the various stainless steel control buttons and this for the loud horn, on/off button as well as speed mode etc….

The Dualtron Storm features, in addition to a real sturdy foot allows you to firmly support your electric scooter, also several ventilation openings as well as RGB LEDs around both tires. Using fingerprint recognition, you can start the electric scooter. The fact that you can see the Dualtron logo projected appearing on the ground below the Dualtron Storm is also nice.

A fun fact is that you can remove the battery compartment from your scooter for peace of mind or safety. In terms of weight, you enjoy a sturdy beast with the Dualtron Storm. One that is difficult to lift without having removed the battery from the scooter beforehand.

To answer the question if the Dualtron Storm is the fastest electric scooter on the market we are going to answer no. That is not to say that after disconnecting the gray cable from the controller, you cannot reach 100km/h in just a few seconds.

The power of the Dualtron Thunder’s big brother is such that you can climb slopes up to 70% !!!! can climb and do so on a variety of surfaces. Impressive is that Dualtron Storm. Using this impressive power, you can even perform solid jumps with it without thinking about the consequences. The 11-inch tires combined with the rubber Dual suspension absorb all shocks. To cope with the impressive takeoff speed, recoveries as well as top speed, the Dualtron Storm also features 2 hydraulic brakes.

In terms of autonomy, you can also put down solid results with this Dualtron Storm. When used in economic mode, the factory says you can get up to 130km of range.

If you are looking for unique riding experience then this Dualtron Storm is definitely a machine for you.

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Weight50,00 kg
Dimensions121 × 60 × 130 cm
Dimensions folded

121 x 32 x 61 cm

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