Electric kickscooter heavy people

What should an electric scooter for heavy people meet?

The chassis of the scooter must be stronger than a standard e-scooter. A point of interest are the welds and their finish if any. In short, the scooter must be tough.

The tires on the e-scooter must be able to bear the weight. The center of gravity of an electric scooter is closer to the rear wheel. So standard tires of 8″ with a thin profile are not suitable for a weight higher than 120kg.
If opting for a scooter with suspension, which rides more comfortably, this is also a consideration.

Choose a slightly more powerful motor so that you can accelerate smoothly and ride uphill. A motor with a power of at least 500W is recommended. Preferably also choose an electric scooter with a 48 Volt motor, these motors have better acceleration power than a 36 Volt motor.
The width of the footplate affects the stability of an e-scooter. So preferably choose a scooter with a sturdy and wide footplate.

Last but not least, do a test ride before buying.

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