Electric kickscooter cheap

Electric scooter cheap and reliable ?

Looking for a cheap but reliable electric scooter ? Are you convinced of the advantages of this convenient means of transport but your budget is limited?

Many of our customers start with a cheaper basic model. Once they are convinced of all the advantages of an electric scooter, they quickly switch to a more expensive e-scooter with more comfort and range.

Mobile Future makes for you a selection of cheap electric scooters with an excellent price/quality ratio. Because with these e-steps you do not buy a cat in a bag but a reliable electric scooter.

What is the difference between a cheap electrical scooter and a more expensive electrical scooter?

A cheaper electrical scooter is usually equipped with a low-capacity battery. This is because most of the price of an electrical scooter is determined by the capacity of the battery. Usually, this is a battery with a capacity of +/- 7Ah. This corresponds to a range of +/- 12 km.

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