Horwin SK1 electric scooter class B 45km/h


Horwin SK1 eelectric scooter class B is a true Daily Driver with modern design and robust lines. With modern colors and luxurious LED lighting, the SK1 is a standout that is clearly visible in modern traffic. With its high handlebars and large wheels (14-inch), the SK1 is a joy to ride.

Come and discover the Horwin SK1 class B electric scooter in our showroom ! Autonomy up to 80 km.

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All Mobile Future electric scooters come with a certificate of conformity or Certificate of Conformity (COC) and are approved for public roads. After purchase, we will give you the necessary documents for insurance and license plate application.

Horwin SK1 - Modern and young design

De electric scooter Horwin SK1 has a young and modern look with modern design and robust lines. With modern colors and luxurious LED lighting, the SK1 is a standout that is clearly visible in modern traffic. With its high handlebars and large wheels (14-inch), the SK1 is a joy to ride.

Designed for everyday use, the electric scooter EK1 can cover even longer distances quickly, elegantly and economically. This e-scooter is spacious. It is characterized by an ergonomic, thoughtful and comfortable seating position.

The Horwin EK1 is available in white, metallic gray, metallic blue and matte anthracite. The SK1 scooter is equipped with convenient features such as: LED lights all around, automatic light-off delay, cruise control, reverse gear and helmet storage compartment under the seat.

The Horwin SK1 scooter is equipped with convenient features such as:

  • LED lighting all around
  • Automatic light-off delay
  • Cruise control
  • Reverse gear
  • Helmet storage compartment under the seat.
  • Remote control alarm
  • Standard equipped with a 36Ah battery with an autonomy of up to 110 km.

The Horwin SK1 look is available in moped version 25km/h, moped version 45km/h and motorcycle version 90km/h (SK3).

What is included in the delivery ?

  • Your scooter of course, with battery and ready for the road
  • Charger 5A or 8A according to model
  • Manual
  • COC documents

Additional costs

These are all costs including environmental contributions to deliver the scooter in compliance with legislation. These costs are also charged to us.

  • Bebat and recycling costs
  • COC documents and vignette 705

Total cost roadready including mileage taxes : €120 VAT included.

The Horwin EK1 electric scooter is available in white, gray metallic, blue metallic and matte anthracite.

Elektrische scooter Horwin EK1 accu technology

The battery of the Horwin EK1 is removable and can therefore be charged outside the scooter.

With a battery capacity of 36Ah, you have an autonomy of up to 110km. With an optional second battery you can double the autonomy.

Horwin’s innovative 72V battery with LG cells ensures maximum range and optimum safety. The temperature of the battery is continuously measured, this prevents it from overheating.

The charger and battery are so matched that the battery is never overcharged. This provides additional safety and preserves battery capacity. Running a battery down too far shortens its life considerably. To prevent this, the Horwin’s battery system has a built-in safety system. This allows you to continue to enjoy the maximum battery capacity for longer.

horwin sk1 batterij


The Horwin SK1 is equipped with a powerful hub motor with a maximum power of 3000W. The motor has high energy exchange efficiency with low power consumption.


The Horwin SK1 scooter is equipped with dual front and rear hydraulically adjustable shock absorbers. This allows you to ride comfortably regardless of the road.

The rear shock absorbers are adjustable and adjustable to your preference.

This combined with the large wheels, of 14-inch front and rear, makes this the ideal scooter for long distances.

horwin sk1 motor vering


The Horwin SK1 features an intelligent LED headlight. Met hun heldere en witte licht snijden ze letterlijk door de duisternis. An automatic turn-off delay when lights are turned off illuminates the way to the garage or front door before you get off.

Daytime running lights

The automatic daytime running lights increase safety – especially on rainy and foggy days.

horwin sk1 verlichting


The LCD display shows all kinds of driving information, driving data is always available.

horwin sk1 cockpit

Horwin SK1 45km/h specifications

  • Maximum speed 45 km/h
  • Autonomy(*) up to 80 km with 1 battery 36Ah
  • Charging time 26Ah : 5h with 5A charger
  • Charging time 36Ah : 4.5h with 8A charger
  • Battery type Lithium-ion
  • Removable battery
  • Voltage 72V
  • Brand cells LG
  • Capacity26Ah 1872Wh
  • Maximum load 170Kg
  • Weight 92Kg
  • Wheel Size 14″
  • Brake system Hydraulic disc brakes front + Rear
  • Dimensions : length 1975mm, width 755mm, height 1135mm
  • Seat height 790mm
  • Wheelbase 1360mm
  • Number of seats Max. 2 people
  • Type of lighting LED
  • Front suspension Hydraulic
  • Rear suspension Hydraulically adjustable
  • Type motor Hub-motor
  • Controller Field Oriented Control (FOC)
  • Maximum power 3kW
  • Nominal power 2kW
  • Torque 155Nm
  • USB connection
  • Adjustable rear suspension
  • Reverse gear
  • Remote control
  • Keyless go
  • Anti-theft alarm system
  • Cruise control
  • Helmet storage

(*) Autonomy tested with 80 kg driver on flat track.

Additional information

Weight92 kg
Dimensions220 × 80 × 125 cm

Type of scooter


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Battery Ah

Charging time

Battery voltage

Battery Wh


Engine power

Maximum weight

Turn signals

Cruise control

Helmet required

Driving license

Minimum age




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