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Gocycle G4i
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Gocycle G4i


Gocycle G4i is a big bike in a small package. An electric folding bike with a unique design that rides like a regular bicycle. In short, the best and lightest compact folding bike on the market.

Some features: carbon fiber center frame and fork, magnesium wheels, electronic gears, hydraulic disc brakes, rear suspension, high-performance MotoGP-inspired tires, award-winning sub-10-second folding system, acclaimed Cleandrive (invisible chain), Bluetooth, USB-C connectivity. Only 16,6 kg. Charged in just 3.5h.

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Gocycle G4i - The best electric folding bike on the market

Gocyce sets a new standard for electric folding bikes. With only 16,8 kg, the lightest electric folding bike on the market!

  • new G4drive™ electric motor
  • automatic gears
  • a completely new carbon fiber center frame
  • high-performance MotoGP-inspired tires
  • low energy bluetooth
  • award-winning sub-10 second portable folding system
  • Cleandrive : no dirty clothes thanks to the shielded chain

The new motor provides a smooth and quiet ride, delivers more torque and more power than previous models and can start at slower speeds, all within the bike’s industry-leading compact frame design. Moreover, the G4i automatically shifts gears according to your speed!

Gocycle has gone one step further for all Generation 4 models, with a new, lighter and more precise carbon-fiber center frame. The all-new center frame connects the hydroformed aluminum front frame and Gocycle’s widely acclaimed Cleandrive.

The all-new carbon fiber single-sided fork houses the fully integrated G4drive™ engine and cleverly connects the frame chassis to the road. Integrating the front fork helps reduce the rider’s load on the bike, as well as the overall weight. The fork also offers more comfort, while maintaining directional stiffness to ensure you glide through corners!

The G4i weighs only 16.8 kg, making the range one of the lightest premium folding electric bikes on the market, and more than 1 kg lighter than the previous GX (17.8 kg). No stone has been left unturned to significantly reduce the weight of the G4. The disc rotors are even lighter than those of previous models!

It wouldn’t be Gocycle without a touch of motorsport class, be it F1 or MotoGP inspired! Gocycle’s founder Richard Thorpe’s past as one of McClaren’s design engineers has always put the brand in an innovative league of its own. The new lightweight tire is enriched with silica compound for superior grip and confident handling. The new wider design and larger air volume offer the rider a comfortable ride on urban surfaces.

Need to charge your phone on the train, in the office or even in the pub? Gocycle has introduced a clever little contraption for their new series, a discreet integrated USB-C port on the handlebars! This allows owners to charge their phones or other small devices through the bike’s battery when not in use!

What are the other notable features of the new G4 series that we should all know about?

Comfortable geometry

The Gocycle is a big bike in a small package. One of the main reasons behind its popularity is that it has the same touch points as a big bike; that is, the wheelbase, seat and handlebars are the same distance apart as on a normal bike.

So the geometry and ergonomics are much more in line with that of a regular bike, but with all the advantages that a compact folding electric bike can have for city riders.


The G4i has a 375Wh (36V 10.4Ah) battery. You can expect a maximum range of 80km, depending on your assistance level. This can be determined via the Gocycle Connect App, where you even have the ability to adjust your own assistance level! All models now come with Gocycle’s new 4A 36V charger, and it takes 3 to 3.5 hours to fully charge.

The G4i and G4i+ feature the brand’s F1-inspired cockpit display, with predictive electronic automatic shifting and a car-inspired daytime running light built into the front of the steering wheel, adding an extra element of safety. The G4i models also have fully integrated cabling

Gocycle G4i - technical specifications

  • Available colors : white, matte black, gray
  • Frame material : Hydroformed 6061 alloy front frame, carbon fiber center frame and injection molded magnesium cleandrive
  • Motor drive control with pedal torque sensor
  • Driving modes : eco, drive, customizable via the Bluetooth app
  • Speed : support up to 25 km/h (EU) or 32 km/h (US)
  • Range : up to 80km
  • Motor : Front hub motor 250W (EU) 500 (US)
  • Battery : 10,4Ah 36V 375 Wh
  • Charger: 4A 36V
  • Charging time : 3,5h
  • Brakes : hydraulic front and rear brakes
  • Gearing : 3 gears, shifts automatically
Gocycle G4 view all technical specifications here

Additional information

Weight17,6 kg
Dimensions83 × 37 × 75 cm


Battery voltage

Battery Ah

Battery location

Charging time

Electric brake


Energy regeneration


Maximum range

Maximum speed

Engine power


Adjustable steering



With suspension

Wheel size


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