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Dualtron Thunder 2 10080W 32Ah
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Dualtron Thunder 2 10080W 32Ah


Electric scooter Dualtron Thunder 2 2x 5040W

Everyone knows the Dualtron Thunder, the absolute best seller of high-end / high-performance electric scooters of the last few years. Minimotors decided to give new life to this legend by coming up with a new remastered, much more powerful, version of the Thunder, the Dualtron Thunder 2. 5040W per motor, top speed over 100 km/h!

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Dualtron Thunder 2 the beast is back

Check out the Dualtron Thunder manual here

The Dualtron Thunder 2 has everything that made the success of the Thunder, but in addition everything that was missing from it and made it “not perfect.” Moreover, the Dualtron Thunder 2 is even more powerful with an insane 10080W peak motor power, powered by a huge 72V40Ah LG cells battery !

User profile for the Thunder 2

The Dualtron Thunder 2 is there specifically for powerful riders looking for high performance and a long riding range. Suitable for on road or off road use.


The Dualtron Thunder 2 is one of the most powerful e-scooters on the market (2021-2022). The Thunder 2 is equipped with a motor at the front and rear, each capable of delivering 5040W of maximum power, for a total of 10080W. The Thunder 2’s two very powerful motors are powered by a 72V40Ah (84V max) battery consisting of LG 21700 cells, one of the best and highest quality cells on the market.

Under normal riding conditions (average speed, 65 kg user, warm temperatures), we expect the e-scooter to achieve a range of 150 km. (when driving “gently”). The lifetime of the LG 21700 cells is estimated to be up to four years. Be sure to store the scooter in a dry environment to avoid negative impact of humidity on the battery.

Thunder 2 safety

  • Hydraulic disc brake system front and rear (NUTT)
  • 160 mm brake discs
  • The physical braking system is coupled with our patented high performance magnetic/electric braking system
  • ABS
  • Ultra wide 11-inch tubeless tires (CST) for better grip
  • Flashing lights with commands on the centralized multi-switch
  • Stoplights
  • Red LED taillight for good driver visibility at night
  • Collapsible double lock for improved steering tube stability
  • Very powerful horn
  • 4 front LED lights for adequate rider visibility during nighttime rides

Dualtron Thunder 2 kenmerken characteristics

The Thunder 2 has many exciting features designed to make the driver’s experience as smooth as possible. A long-range electric scooter such as the Dualtron Thunder 2 needs adequate charging capacity. We equipped the beast with two charging ports that can be connected to two parallel fast chargers.

Moreover, it is possible to connect an external battery to the scooter for an even higher range (the third “isolated” port with 4 pins).

A powerful electric scooter is difficult to control because the acceleration force can throw the rider’s body backwards. We equipped the Thunder 2 with a perfectly designed footrest that also serves as a high-visibility/stop tail light.

The Thunder 2 is fully foldable, including the handlebars for easier storage of the scooter. This model easily fits in the trunk of most cars once folded.

Technical specs

Motor : On each wheel a motor of 5040W = 10080 W Dual power
Maximum speed : 100 km/h (on private property)
Supplied with speed limitation : yes 25 km/h
Range : up to 150 – 170 km, depending on terrain, driving style and weight
Battery : 72V 32 or 40 Ah LG 21700
Charging time : Between 22 and 28 hours with the supplied standard charger, with quick charger 8h
Weight : 47,3 Kg
Maximum load : 150 Kg
Suspension : On both wheels
Brakes : hydraulic brakes (NUTT) disc brake 160mm
Wheels : 11″ tubeless with extra wide tires
Lighting : Front and rear lights, stop light, turn signals, LED lights
Dimensions : 1208 x 609 x 1267 mm (length x width x height)
Dimensions folded : 1208 x 317 x 577 mm
Warranty : 2 year

Additional information

Weight48 kg
Dimensions121 × 32 × 58 cm
Dimensions folded

120,8 x 31,7 x 57,7 cm

Engine power

E-step type


Maximum speed

Maximum range

Wheel size

Climbing angle


Electric brake

Battery type

Battery location

Battery voltage

Battery Ah


Energy regeneration


Maximum weight


Charging time



Front tire

Rear tire

With suspension

Front brake

Rear brake

With display

Brake light



With cruise control

Adjustable steering


Driver height/age


IP value


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